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OMG I’ve turned crazy over these. I’ve always loved lockets because i don’t see them just as a simple necklace or chain. Its something that has a lot of meaning to it when it has a photo inside. And i found a place where this girl makes such BEAUTIFUL ones! They are hand made apparently. This one is just so pretty.


Well, i ate in the morning some Mexican sugar bread. And then later again with earl grey. That’s not very healthy, but i will be starting as soon as i get more healthy stuff. Its difficult when you lack these things.

June, 14, 2013

Starting my weight lost again. Mom got VERY sick and had an asma attack and it was all just  a mess. We finally got a lot of food and moms so so. So i can get back in track of losing weight. I need to control portion tho. Even tho i’m eating healthy stuff and light stuff like sandwiches i still need to learn to control my hunger, its strange, last time i had, But recently it came back, Must be stress. I found out i gained only 1 pound after eating so much bad stuff the past weeks. I thought i had gained more then one pound. But i need to get rid of that pound and more. I will try my best.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I have seriously done bad eating. All because we ran out of food. SIGH

I’ve been eating pizza hut thanks to my mom’s friend who works there.

She kept bringing pizza these past weeks. And I’ve been eating them.

I’m going to feel terrible if i gained weight. I feel lost again.  I’ve been wanting to start running again but my mom’s horrible moods bring me down completely. She begins shouting at me so many mean things and just lowering my self esteem completely. I’m starting to hate myself again.

But I don’t want to give up. The moment we are able to buy food again I’m gonna start my normal healthy diet again. I just hope i didn’t gain weight. T_T

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